Georgiann and Rick's pictures of our
Y2K Costa Rica Adventure!

These five pictures are from our one tour into the jungles of Costa Rica. We took a short afternoon boat tour that would take us up a jungle river. Think Gilligan's Island ("...a three hour tour..."). Well, the weather DID start getting rough and the tiny boat WAS tossed. And we got drenched and scurried our way back to our safe Zancudo bar without seeing one monkey, jaguar, or anaconda. But no disappointment could last long with the parties that would soon follow.

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Embarking on a River Tour- Watch your step!

"Moooooooo"(What, this is wildlife?)

Just an old fashion Tico Home along the River

Dad tries to capture a passing flock of birds

A flattering shot of our escape from the rainy river

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