Georgiann and Rick's pictures of our
Y2K Costa Rica Adventure!

These four pictures show what you mostly do in Zancudo. For us big city folks, learning how to relax in a third-world environment takes time. But we're smart and we learn quick. Since the beach was only twenty feet from the hammock, we'd catch a nice, cool breeze and everything would seem perfect.

Our "cabinas" were geo-domed cabins that had a huge ceiling fan, the occasional strange little bug crawling around (you had to shake out your clothes and shoes every morning), and featured a unique shower. The shower had a large river-stone floor (nice) and a "suirside" heating element. This means the water is run over an electrical heating coil to heat the water. Needless to say, none of the electrical wiring was "up to standards." In most cases you'd see bare wires twisted together for every appliance - a very "do it yourself" kind of third-world approach.

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Dad does his Tai-Chi in his hammock - isn't that cheatin'?

Herr Blaze der Anal studies the art of relaxing

Dad surveys the Zancudo estate from his cabina porch

What! Dat girl in da hammock again?

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