Sedona vista

Rick and Georgiann's 2005 Sedona Trip.

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Below are five pictures from some of our shopping excursions in Sedona. If you're going to Sedona you should really be prepared to shop. Some of the best, sweeping views are done from the shopping areas. The first two shots are from Tlaquepaque, which was named after a fine shopping superb of Guadalajara - the literal translation means "the best of everything". Gorgeous and expensive shopping center with lots of full, twisty, beautiful trees. The other three are from the Hillside Shops that featured interesting landscaping, art, and great vistas.
  Sedona_1_Tlaquepaque_courtyard.jpg Tlaquepaque Courtyard Sedona_1_Tlaquepaque_tree.jpg Tlaquepaque Shops Sedona_1_Hillside_landscape.jpg Hillside Shops Sedona_1_Hillside_view_George.jpg Hillside Shops Vista Sedona_1_Hillside_view_Rick.jpg Hillside Shops Vista

Below are five pictures from the Slide Rock State Park area. Although the backup of cars from the parking for the park was three blocks long, we found a little pullout about three blocks up the road. The pullout had a trail that went back to the state park and allowed us to easily climb down to the water. There were deep water areas for diving and little slippery-rock areas for little tots and an adult turbo-tunnel area up the creek. Unfortunately we forgot our swimsuits so we could only wade and take pictures. Next time, though. Also is a picture from Midgely Bridge which is just north of Uptown Sedona with big vistas and a trail down to Oak Creek. And we had a great picnic in Red Rock Park with Oak Creek to cool off and Cathedral Rock for a background. I used my arms to tune in the metaphysical electromagnetic waves of chakra force and eventually I felt the Vortex. Really.
Okay... it might have been the wine.
Sedona_1_Slide_Rock_pullout.jpg Slide Rock Pullout Trail Sedona_1_Slide_Rock_overview.jpg Slide Rock Overview Sedona_1_Slide_Rock_Rick.jpg Slide Rock Rick wades Sedona_1_Slide_Rock_George.jpg Slide Rock George wading Sedona_1_Slide_Rock_upper_crop.jpg Slide Rock upper adult area Sedona_1_Midgely_Bridge_lookout.jpg Midgely Bridge lookout Sedona_1_RedRockPark_Rick.jpg Red Rock Park picnic

Our last stop before leaving Sedona at the end of our weekend was the view at the Airport Vista Loop. This $5 state park stop has fantastic views and vistas, a great easy-to-climb red rock hill for those top-of-the-world views, and the trail that goes around the "Airport Vortex." This is supposed to be the easiest vortex to get to. I'm not sure how they measure the supposed energy from a vortex but they say you can tell by how twisted the Juniper trees get. We certainly saw some twisted Juniper trees. As George and I started out on the trail that is thinner than a goat trail and has a 1,000 foot drop off at all times, George and I immediately felt lightheaded. George got too dizzy to go on so she waited while I did a quick hike around the mountain. I can't say I felt anything other than a little lightness but I did come back smiling. Mostly smiling because I didn't fall of the trail.

Sedona_1_AirportView_SW.jpg Airport Vortex view NorthWest Sedona_1_AP_Vortex_George_pose.jpg Airport Vortex steps Sedona_1_AP_Vortex_George_trail.jpg Airport Vortex trail Sedona_1_AP_Vortex_hillside_SE.jpg Airport Vortex hill for trail Sedona_1_AP_Vortex_Rick_Juniper_75.jpg Airport Vortex twisted Juniper tree Sedona_1_AP_Vortex_view_NE.jpg Airport Vortex view NorthEast z_Sedona_AP_Vortex_sweep.AVI AVI Airport Vortex sweeping view

The video is a 15 Meg file that you can download to your hard drive by right-clicking and selecting "Save target as...". Then you can simply click on that file to play it in Windows Media Player. The video is just an attempt to get an idea of the view at the Airport Vista Loop stop by sweeping around in a slow circle.