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it's a bird...it's a plane...no - it's the underconstruction personal page for

As the song goes, "I'm no Superman" - but I relate to the idea that using your natural talents to help others is a way to bring happiness to yourself and the world around you. Happy to roll up my sleaves and pitch in. Yet I'm always scanning for the big picture, trying to understand what the "real" goals are. Collecting information, analyzing, and then speculating on smarter/faster/cheaper ways to get the real work done. Working harder is boring. Working smarter is fun.

Favorite passtimes: Exploring the area, the world, and ideas with my wife. I like observing the development of the Universe, and peeking into all advanced theories and projects I can find. I consider myself a progressive thinker, and like theorizing on all sorts of subjects, both for the joy of growing an understanding of the world and in hope to influence things.

Apart from business, I love music - all kinds and types. I play a number of instruments but mostly electric guitar. Many years ago I used to program MIDI sequencers so I could arrange the sound of a whole orchestra of instruments behind the live music I was performing. But being a control freak takes so much time and preparation that you miss a whole lot of wonderful things going on. These days I play about twice a year just for fun and otherwise leave it to the professionals.

I often complain about my age, but actually, it's my favorite age so far - I understand more things and feel better than ever, and find equal pleasure talking to old complainers and dancing with the kids.

more to come...

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